New Year’s Review: My Favorite Posts

Okay, so you’ve seen what my most popular posts are… but what are my personal favorites and why?

I do have a soft spot for a lot of the posts in the top 10, but these are the ones that made my heart go thump-thump as I went through the list of posts from the past year.

Fun Button Down Shirt Refashion

Okay, so anyone who knows me well knows that I can’t sew, or at least I can’t sew well enough for things to hold up. I can fix you up in an emergency (altering bridesmaid dresses on the day of a wedding? check!) but it won’t hold up in the long run. That’s why I’m uber proud of this shirt refashion I did on the cheap, especially because almost a year later, it’s held up better than that store-bought cardigan you see in the picture with it (if I could fit my ginormous preggo belly into it).

Blog Business Cards!

Okay, these pictures don’t look like much, but everywhere I go, I get mass compliments on these business cards. It’s actually a stock design from VistaPrint, but I actually found one of my signature fonts from the blog and reversed the front and the back to make it match better and give it a custom design look. I love, love, love handing out my business cards because they really reflect who I am as a blogger and in my own personal style!

Camping with a Toddler/Baby

Okay, I love this post for a lot of reasons! One, we were crazy enough to do it (and we are planning on doing it again with a newborn added to the mix! huzzah!). Two, I love the way I tagged the photos with TBP, even if it was a pain in the butt to do in Photoshop (which doesn’t love that font). Three, I’m proud of myself for letting my personality shine through my writing style in this post and the way I really tried to format the post for the reader with pics and bold print. If only every post could be this awesome!

Awesome Find: Louisville Architectural Salvage

What a fun trip! This was more about the fun day with my mom with a blog post thrown in as an extra for me. I got some great pics, too, that I have printed and displayed or plan to display in my home despite my camera not quite agreeing with me. If you have the time and are in the Louisville area, definitely stop and see the Architectural Salvage! Just make sure to leave a couple of hours to do so.

Living Room Mood Board

I finally pulled off a decent mood board! Now, here’s to trying to make this actually come together over the next few months as we begin the huge project that is remodeling an entire 1960’s house. Bonus points: I found almost the identical patterned throw pillows as the mood board but at Kirkland’s on clearance for $8 each. Score!

The Courtney Invitation

The invitations are my pride and joy, and I am so glad that my sorority sister loves them as much as I do. They represent how far I have grown over the few years I have been doing invitations, and what happens when I persevere in a project. I wish this picture did them more justice, and I wish I had ordered a few extra to keep for my portfolio! (Fear not – I can always order more from the pro printing company I use.)

So, what’s coming?

What’s in store for 2013? That’s a great question, but I definitely have a few goals in mind. Check out my next post to see where I think TBP will go in the coming year and what I plan to work on.



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