Awesome Find: Louisville Architectural Salvage

I’m always on the hunt for those awesome, niche stores like you see on HGTV, but they just don’t exist in Cincinnati. When my amazing painter friend Louisa told me about Louisville’s Architectural Salvage a few years ago, I wanted to go but forgot about it. This year, my mom wanted to visit a cool salvage yard for her birthday, so optimistically cautiously, off to Louisville we went!

We were very, very pleasantly surprised with our visit! It was buildings upon buildings upon yards upon yards of so many cool antiques, salvaged pieces, and reproductions. But beware – you need AT LEAST an hour to see all the stuff they have! We both came home with goodies and we found the prices to be very reasonable depending on what you were looking for. Obviously, rare pieces in amazing condition or humongous pieces will cost a bit more. 🙂 Here are just a very few pictures that I took while at the salvage.

(Shout out to my ADPi ladies! Can you imagine this on the porch of the house, haha?)


5 thoughts on “Awesome Find: Louisville Architectural Salvage

    1. They were reasonable! I got a piece of a French newspaper from 1896 with a color lithograph of the death of Bismarck for our home office and it was only $20. Mom got a solid copper rain chain (as the rain flows through the copper cups, it makes pretty sounds) for $50. Even their antiques were reasonably priced!

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