Extra! Extra! No, really, EXTRA!

While I’m at home sick (again! ugh!), I thought I’d write a quick blog post from the comfort of my bed. We’ve got lots of news to share!

First, we are most likely going to take over my grandmother’s house in the next few months. She feels like she is ready to move in with my parents (she’s still independent and able to drive, but wants to be around people more and not have to take care of the entire house herself) and, not gonna lie, we’re super excited to take on the small-budget updating challenges of her house. We won’t be doing huge upgrades since we aren’t buying the house (so no major structural changes or kitchen renos here), but we will be doing several inexpensive or lower-budget projects so that in a couple of years, she can sell the house for a decent amount instead of selling it now for pennies. It’s seriously outdated, and luckily, she agrees (and laughs at the prolific shag carpet and American Colonial Life wood paneling scenes throughout the house). Moving date is still TBD – we have to pack, she has to pack/sell/donate, we’d like her to have one last Christmas in her house, and there will probably be a month of cohabitating while my parents get her room ready at their house. Lots and lots of pics and tutorials and mood boards and inspiration posts to come!

But, there is something that further complicates the moving timeline – we’re expecting baby number two! I’m almost 11 weeks along now and I’m due in May, just at the end of the school year (perfect timing for a teacher, right?), but that means we’ll have to get A LOT of our basic projects done in the house (i.e. at least all of the paneling removal and most of the painting) before the baby comes, and the nursery will have to be ready. I guess we’re going to have a lot of busy weekends coming up! We couldn’t be happier with the timing of baby #2, though – financially, seasonally, spacing-between-kids-wise. It’s literally the perfect timing for our family!


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