Flu Plague 2012

Seriously, I have felt like death for the past two weeks. I haven’t been this sick since the seventh grade! But, finally after two full weeks and missing over half a week of work, I’m starting to feel normal again (although the cough and congestion are lingering). This week was one of those few times I wished I had a job that I could do from home on occasion if needed, as my whole life has been derailed and I’m scrambling to catch up.

The exciting part is that I’m slowly preparing to start regular blog posts again (I’m shooting for every two weeks at first, working my way up to twice a week or more if I can get ahead of schedule). I have some new invitation designs to post as well as details on an awesome vintage pinup bachelorette party, a post about my favorite Android apps (before I switch to iPhone in the next few weeks), and pics from two gorgeous weddings and a girls’ weekend coming up soon!

Also, we’ll hopefully have the details sorted out of our soon-to-come move in January and I want to start crafting again to share some (hopefully) Pinterest-worthy ideas.

Three cheers for getting back into the groove!


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