Summer Bucket List 2012

Don’t look at me funny – it’s that time of the year! There are only two weeks left in the school year for the youngins, so that means that summer is upon us. Now, don’t take me the wrong way, I don’t get out of school until August 23rd, but my classes are in the evenings after Clark’s bedtime so they won’t cut into our summer fun.

It does mean the end of “student teaching” (tear! I will miss the third graders!) so Clark and I will be hanging out full-time until Jason gets home from his classes each day, and I wanted to have a fun list of many activities to do so that when it’s hot and my brain stops functioning (don’t lie — it happens to you, too!) we’ll have some awesome ideas. Most of these, of course, are from Pinterest and have been tailored to work with a two year old.

Call this your official Summer Bucket List challenge – what will you do with your kids this year? Leave a link to your summer bucket list posts here!


4 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List 2012

  1. i need to make a summer bucket list and work more on my DZP list. please post pics of clark and his summer fun!

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