Freebie: Class Pet Printables Kit!

UPDATE: I had taken this off TPT and my Google Drive because the download statistics were so low, but I’ve gotten a lot of requests recently, so here’s a FREE TPT listing!

Looking around at resources for having a class “pet” of the stuffed variety, I realized that there weren’t many things available. Thankfully, I’ve been introduced more thoroughly to strategies from my amazing cooperating teacher, but I wanted to use some printables to make my life a little easier and require less policing on my part of a journal. Filling the void, I made these awesome printables that are free for you to download! Click on the LINK ABOVE to get a zip folder containing both Word and PDF documents (yes, I’m giving you editable documents!) of this awesome kit. Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Freebie: Class Pet Printables Kit!

  1. ugh i wish we had a pet for class! one of my sister’s classes had a pet hamster and she got to bring it home for a weekend.

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