February DZP/Resolution Update

This is going to be a quick post today since A) it’s my birthday and B) I have a ton of grad school homework due. I’ve been working on a few resolutions this month and they’re actually coming along quite nicely (wow, you can tell I’ve been catching up on Downton Abbey, haha).

  • One post a week
    • Not including this post, I’ve had 12 posts in 7 weeks! In turn, February is already the third most productive month pageview-wise ever on the blog, and there are still ten days left to beat my other two months. Of course, a lot of this is due to the free marketing I now enjoy via Pinterest.
  • Enhance content by planning projects and posts in advance as  much as possible
    • I’ve been trying as much as possible to provide all the posts that I plan each time and add in other posts here and there. My plan is to eventually have projects completed a few weeks before I post so that I always have a lot of content to add. I hate scrambling just to put something on the blog so it doesn’t get stale (like it has in the past) because it’s often, well, crap. This month, I’ve done fairly well at keeping up with my list, which makes me happy.
  • Shop at Findlay Market
    • Jason asked me what I really wanted for my birthday and was surprised to find that I really just wanted a “date” walking around (and eating!) at Findlay Market. Even though I’ve lived in Greater Cincinnati since I was 10, I’ve only visited once briefly and didn’t get to actually look around. I can’t wait to have a day date this week like we used to before the baby was born 🙂



3 thoughts on “February DZP/Resolution Update

  1. look how productive you’ve been, despite the grad school work! also, do you have any pics from findlay market? those would make a great post.

    1. Ha, thanks. Unfortunately, we got to the market a bit late and things were closing up, so we’re going again in April-ish when the farmer’s market starts and hopefully my camera will be working again! I’d love to do a post, though!

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