Getting ready for the 30 Day Face Challenge!

As I’ve said before, I have terrible skin. In my attempt to become more knowledgeable about all things girly, I researched a ton about how skin and skincare works and determined that my problem is that I destroyed my lipid layer during my teenage years when I actually had oily skin and regular acne. Now as an adult, I have “problem skin” riddled with acne scarring, blackheads, enlarged pores, uneven tone, and constant breakouts of various varieties including little red bumps all the way down the spectrum to cystic acne. I really need a total skin overhaul.

That’s why a few weeks ago at a Mary Kay skincare demonstration for new consultants I decided to sign up to be a consultant myself. The products (some of which I’m already using and love, although I was using them incorrectly) made a huge difference in the tone and quality of my skin and being a consultant gives me a discount that allows me to be able to buy the entire line of care at once on a smallish budget.

My starter kit came in the mail today with everything I need totally transform my skin and help others experience this awesome phenomenon. AND TO PROVE THAT IT WORKS, I’m going to post a 30 Day Face Challenge here on the blog. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to post pictures every few days SANS MAKEUP that show the progress of my skin using this amazing line of products. (Check out the before pic!) In the spirit of promoting good skin care, I’m also offering a Presidents Day Special – 20% off your entire order through February 24th! If you’ve ever bought Mary Kay before, you know that a discount of this magnitude very rarely happens without being the hostess of a huge party. Please note that if you pay online, I have to finalize the order and add sales tax, so I’ll adjust the amount by 20% before your card is charged. And out-of-town friends, shipping is always free 🙂


4 thoughts on “Getting ready for the 30 Day Face Challenge!

  1. Hmm, I would be interested in seeing how this goes…my skin blows and nothing otc has made it better. Pretty sure I should find a dermatologist…

    1. Darcy, I tried everything except Accutane when I had insurance and nothing worked. I’m not promising anything, but I’ve seen some results already so hopefully these will be even better results with 30 days of continuous use.

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