Interactive Classroom Bar Graph Freebie

While working on something for my master’s degree, I was struck with an idea to change bar graphing in the classroom to an interactive, student-driven classroom piece and so I used this quiet afternoon at the office to make the classroom piece in between phone calls. The best part? Until February 10th, I’m offering this item FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store (custom color combos are excluded). Check out the three versions and description here!

Always making bar graphs with your elementary class but hate wasting paper each time, or worse, drawing it on the board and letting your students watch without any interactivity? This item is a digital file of a bar graph chart that you can reuse as often as you’d like in class!

Just print, cut out the chart and pieces, tape the chart together and laminate. You and the students will then be able to use dry erase markers to label columns or fill-in blocks. As an added bonus, attach velcro squares to each block on the graph and each piece so your students can add their own piece to the chart!

Click on the individual images to go to Teachers Pay Teachers.


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