Reading/Writing Classroom Poster

Okay, I promise I’m working on stuff other than teaching tools for this blog! I’ve got lots of projects in the works, but nothing that’s been completed yet. That’s the trouble with being a blog slacker – when you want to restart things, it takes awhile to get back into gear because of the project-to-post lag!

Anyway, here’s a print I made inspired by a quote from tonight’s grad school class. The goal is to inspire your students to become lifelong aesthetic readers (which means reading for pleasure and not just for academics). The preview pic here is a low-quality JPG that links to a free PDF version in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Reading/Writing Classroom Poster

  1. Very true! I wouldn’t be as good a writer if i didn’t read, and reading wouldn’t be as pleasurable if the content wasn’t well-written. The two arts are practically one and the same.

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