Easy Peasy Valentine’s Decor

I wanted to find a cute, easy way to dress up a mantle for Valentine’s Day, but I had two parameters: it had to be cheap, and it couldn’t be all pink (yuck lol). Digging through what craft stuff I have easy access to in our current small living space, I dug out two blank 4×6 ivory cards, some post-it notes, highlighters, and a pair of scissors.

(Don’t you love the old media shelf that I use as a craft tray? Ah, pressed wood haha.)

I cut the cards in half on the seam and wrote the letter/symbol that I wanted on each card in a corresponding color to the post-it I wanted to use. Notice that I messed up the heart proportions, but because I was going to cover it up with post-its anyway so it wasn’t a big deal.

I cut only the adhesive strip of the post-its off and kept the paper-only part to use with pushpins on my bulletin board so it didn’t go to waste. I then cut the adhesive strips into small, irregular pieces of varying sizes and shapes and placed them over the highlighted areas. I tried to make sure that it was as imperfect as possible!

Once I finished all four pieces, I went on a hunt for a frame. I thought about doing a single frame around 8×10 but I’m cheap and found four silver frames with a matte included. Sure, there was an obnoxious “woof” imprint on the glass, but at $1 a piece, I just removed the glass and called it a day. They are 5×7 frames so if I want to purchase panels of glass from Hobby Lobby later, I can do it cheaply and easily.

Here’s the final product (in crappy lighting, on a dreary day, with a really old point-and-shoot on a tiny mantle that isn’t mine) from a few angles. Not to shabby for a grand total of $4!


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