I Missed My Blogiversary!

… Not that I actually knew the date in the first place, haha. On June 15, 2009, I started a blog called Amanda’s Adventures on Blogger. I decided I wanted to focus it more on home stuff, so I changed it a bit, including a name upgrade and a color scheme. Thus, Two Blue Pillars was born, with this DIY layout.

You can tell that my Photoshop skills were definitely lacking! After many changes, including moving over to WordPress after discussing some questions that were floating around in my head (and still are, so that maybe this blog will be focused again!). I worked on some of my goals and changed the header. I finally demystified the name of the blog, and thanks to improvements on WordPress, added pages for different topics.

I tried to do a giveway with limited success. I’ll try again when I get back to regular posts and have a larger base of readers. Lastly, I redid the header and added some prettiness to the blog to make it not-so-basic.

So, after over two years, TBP has come a long way! But, we have a long, long way to go, so let’s hope next year’s blogiversary is highlighted with amazing accomplishments!


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