Quick Tip: Toddler Food Ideas

If you are like me, you sometimes struggle with helping the person who takes care of your toddler (that’s so weird to say! He’s not a baby anymore!) with ideas for food, or sometimes you just need a mind re-load, especially when you are eating something they can’t chew yet! After searching, I made this one page sheet to help me and my grandma (who takes care of Clark during the day) have a little reminder of what to make if we are out of ideas. Now, this is not the end-all-be-all list, and it doesn’t represent the only foods we feed our little one (not by a long shot!), but rather a “cheat sheet” to hang on the fridge for a quick idea. Hope it helps someone out there! (Oh, and one more quick note, the fluids are what were recommended by our doctor – you do what’s best for your child and what your doctor says. They wanted him to have four 6 oz. bottles a day and limited juice.)

Toddler’s Eating Schedule


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