Helloooooo, 2010!

Why, hello readers! How are you? How has your 2010 been so far?

It’s already been quite the eventful year for Hubby and I over here at Two Blue Pillars; some good, and some bad. But one of the things I’ve been working on that I wanted to share was inspired by a fellow Nestie. It’s called the Day Zero Project, and it’s all about achieving 101 goals in 1,001 days. Now, technically, I started my goals before 2010, but considering that I will be working on them for 2.75 years, I don’t think a few days early are going to matter.You can check out my DZP list here.

It took me a long time to decide whether or not I was going to maintain a dedicated blog for my DZP, but I finally decided against it, knowing full well that one of my goals was to develop TBP into a dedicated blog. And so, I will bring you some but not every stinkin’ one updates when I complete goals because that would be overkill just like this strikethrough is and I don’t want to cause you to want to stab your eyes out. 🙂

In keeping with the spirit of resolutions, I have several goals for TBP:
1) Decide what type of blog this is. Is it a home decor blog? A home living blog? Just something for me to update my friends/family with? A catchall for my thoughts? Do I want to narrow my bases down to just a few topics that might interest me? Lots to decide.
2) If I am going to narrow TBP, decide on a way to increase traffic (or you, my few lovely readers, could do it for me – pretty please ?).
3) Choose between Blogger and WordPress. I like that Blogger lets me customize my blog much more freely (both literally and figuratively – I don’t have to pay to do it!) but I like the format WordPress gives me by allowing multiple pages of the same site and by giving me stats on my page. If I choose Blogger, build in some features that analyze my page. If I choose WordPress, pay the extra fee to have a custom layout.
4) Start designing more.  If I want to make this a dedicated blog, I can’t rip people’s pictures from Google Images and use them here, nor can I use a freebie layout that someone else masterminded. I need to design my page and its elements, as well as start taking my own pictures.
5) Include more interactivity. I want you to feel invited to comment. I want to have interaction between you and I, and so I will try to make my blog more viable to interactivity.

So, what do you suggest for TBP? What do you think would make this blog skyrocket to fame?


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