DZP Update July 1, 2011

It’s time for a DZP update! No, I haven’t forgotten about my tiny little blog, or my readers, and yes, I promise as things settle down at work, I’ll update. (The good news, by the way, is that things are amazingly busy and I have several deals in the works! Hopefully we’ll get some closings going soon!) Nineteen things finished and eight in progress.

3. Visit another country.

We’ll be going to France on Jason’s spring break in March! Yay, finally. They aren’t too keen on spouses going normally, but since I speak the language, it’s fine for me to go! The official trip is called “France’s Battlefields” so we’ll be mostly in Normandy and Brittany. Mes favorites!

5. Take Clark to the beach.

We took Clark to Florida on a spontaneous trip to see his Mawmaw and Pawpaw over Memorial Day weekend. It was a short one (Saturday night flights to Tuesday morning flights) but getting to see him at the beach was awesome! He loved the sand; Clark dug his fingers and toes in repeatedly. He was also great about the water – splashing, watching the waves, and not being scared when the water came towards him.

 7.  Watch fireworks somewhere special on the Fourth of July.

I’m going to call this one finished even though it’s not exactly what I meant in the hopes that we’ll also try to do this one for the next two years as well. We’re going to celebrate tomorrow (July 3rd) with a huge group of family members and I might try to convince Jason to go to the fireworks display tonight in our city with Clark.

10. Go camping.

We’re planning a trip to Red River Gorge sometime this summer pending Clark actually walking a bit more. He’s taking about 7 or 8 steps but we really need him to have a little more balance before we take him. Hopefully this will happen end of July, early August.

13. Attend midnight showing release of HP7.2.

We’ve already purchased our tickets for the reserved seating, upstairs, 3D midnight showing in 12 days! We are sitting right at the front of the balcony and we’ll be getting there nice and early to get some food and drinks. I love the Luxe Level!

17. Take a spontaneous trip.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we took a spontaneous (planned a week in advance) trip to Florida! But hopefully this isn’t the last one. We’d like to take several more spontaneous trips soon!

34. Pay off my car.

I’ll be getting a large payoff from the teacher’s retirement that can’t be rolled over, so we’re going to pay off bills and my car as soon as we get the check at the end of July!

91. Make myself up for school everyday for a month (as in, fix hair properly and do makeup!). 

I’m calling this one a win since I’ve been super cute everyday for the last month as a Realtor!

94. Have all lessons and materials prepared two weeks in advance at some point during the school year.

No longer applicable.

97. Grade all papers in the same day for two weeks. (o/14)

No longer applicable.

98. Get out of bed a half hour early for a whole work week. (0/7)

No longer applicable.

100. Love my job passionately.

FINALLY applicable! I love being a real estate agent! I love showing houses and teaching people working for myself. I love the sense of accomplishment I have every day, even if I don’t always close  a deal. I love making people feel cared for in this cold world. I love having a completely different type of day, every single day. I don’t care how much money I make (to a point – obviously I need to support my family) – I just love that I’m actually making a difference and helping people.

Now it’s your turn! Who else is making DZP progress? Ashley, have you been working on your list?


2 thoughts on “DZP Update July 1, 2011

  1. why yes mandapants, i have been working on my list… little by little! thanks for the reminder–i’ll try to jump start a few more projects this summer!

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