Pink Pirate Party

My friend, A, is hosting a pink pirate party for her daughter and asked me to do the invitations. The best part – it only cost her $3 for 30 prints at Meijer and they gave her the envelopes to match for free (which I totally didn’t expect!). I also did her other daughter’s Pooh birthday tickets .

If you are interested in invitations for your next party, give me a call! I charge $5 for the file with unlimited revisions. Then I send them to the closest photo printer to you that’s on Snapfish and you can get as few or as many as you’d like. I also email you the JPEG file. These photo invitations look like you ordered them from one of those professional sites without the cost. Like one of the designs you find on those sites? Email me the photo at and I can most likely reproduce it fairly closely (this one was a rip from Oriental Trading with a few changes). Thanks for letting me work with you, Amber!


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