My House Is Wearing Pants!

Okay, so not exactly, but it got your attention, right? In celebration of Earth Day this past week, I’d like to highlight and amazing eco-friendly product: recycled denim insulation. Yes, I said denim, and I’m not talking about stuffing your old jeans in your walls. This insulation comes in sheets just like traditional fiberglass insulation, and it has many advantages other than just being “green” (or blue, really).

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What are the advantages of recycled denim insulation? As you can see from above, because there is no fiberglass, it isn’t irritating to the skin. You can handle it without gloves or a mask and not have to worry about fibers hurting you or your family, either during insulation or if you need to remodel (or if your two-year-old slams his door against his wall and pokes a hole with the doorknob, exposing insulation).  But this isn’t the main advantage! Denim insulation is highly energy efficient, performing better than fiberglass especially in low temperatures. It’s treated with an EPA-approved fungal inhibitor that makes it extremely fire resistant as well as better-than-average protection against mold, mildew, fungus, and pests. And soundproofing is another huge advantage, providing 35% better soundproofing (talk about added privacy!). It’s also made entirely from recycled material and can be 100% recycled after use.

We all know the big question: what is the price? I’m happy to say that it’s only 20% more than regular fiberglass insulation (making it comparable to blow-in insulation) and it’s eligible for a federal tax credit, possibly up to 20% (but always check with your tax professional to be sure) which makes it almost the same price, but added protection and  soundproofing. Now that’s something we can all feel good about!


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