June Goals!

Can you believe that it is already JUNE??? Where has the time gone? Not only am I over 6 months pregnant, but today my teaching job officially ended for the summer. I can’t fathom how fast this year has gone by! I guess it’s time to make goals for June (even though it’s almost a third over already). But thank you to all of my wonderful readers who got me up over 500 views for the month! I think that will be a hard number to beat, especially since I’ve been a slacker for the first seven days of this month.

  • Finish the nursery. Seriously, isn’t it done yet? No, because we need to find new homes for a lot of the closet items so we can officially say that it is Clark’s room. It’s almost finished, and I need to get my butt into gear to make it happen now.
  • Finish giving the house a deep cleaning. We’ve done most of it, but the bedrooms and front bathroom need to be deep cleaned, and we need to shampoo the carpets. A huge thank you in advance to TJ, who is going to let us borrow her carpet cleaner so we can do the whole house at once.
  • Reorganize the kitchen cabinets. They drive me crazy, like bat-poop-crazy. Maybe I’ll even give you a peek at this one.
  • Go through our house and do a room-by-room, and post on the blog, maybe in a new tab even!
  • Add in a couple more Q&A’s. Got any questions for us? They don’t have to be home related if you don’t want.


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