In Our House: Backyard

Ever wondered what our whole backyard looks like? I know I’ve given you snippets of weeds or snow, but today our neighbor graciously bush-hogged the whole backyard so that you can actually see it/use it/not be driven crazy with allergies by all the weeds! It’s about an acre, and it’s all hill – and pretty steep hill at that. If you use anything less than a 17 horsepower mower on it, the mower engine will die (trust us on this one).

So thanks to and their free panorama editing software, I was able to drum this one up. If you click on it, you can see the whole image. Also, keep in mind that the colors are distorted as CleVR put together 4 different shots to make this one.

There’s not too awful much we can do with the yard (it looks pretty tame here, but trust me, there is more slope than anything and it’s at least a 70 degree angle) with the exception of the small flat plot the house sits on. But it sure is pretty to look at when it’s all snowy or flowery!


2 thoughts on “In Our House: Backyard

  1. what’s a bush hog? i clicked the picture for the panorama view and nothing happened. was it disabled?

    1. A bush hog is a giant piece of farm equipment. The panorama thing didn’t show up because of the sidebar on my site at first, but once the post scrolled down a bit, it started showing up again. That’s why the clicking thing didn’t seem any different.

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