Okay, okay, confession time. And sadly, I have a few confessions.

  1. I have been a lazy bum since grad school ended. Life was so crazy up to that point that I really haven’t accomplished much at all except keeping up with my job. My house currently looks like this:
    Just kidding! That’s really disgusting! But really, my house is not very attractive right now and my motivation is at zero, at least for the next few days.
  2. I ate a whole row of Oreos with a glass of milk for dinner last night. Aaaaaahhhhhh. I’ve been fairly good about what I eat this entire pregnancy, and last night, I just needed something bad and yummy. And boy, was it ever yummy!
  3. I haven’t even started about half of my May Goals yet, and the ones I’ve started are kind of half-hearted efforts. Not that I don’t want them to be done, but I’m exhausted from school and work and have been taking a lot of mental vacations recently.

Sad, I know. Still love me even though I’m a huge slacker? I do have some things that I need to put up for the blog but haven’t had a chance to photograph yet (again, I’m super lazy right now!) which stinks because I’d easily go over last month’s numbers if I’d just post them! Summer, why can’t you be here yet? I long for the days of blog posting and cleaning and not having to do anything else. Hopefully, summer will give me the ability to make up a bunch of posts ahead of time so when Clark comes, we’ll be able to have some action while we’re caring for our little one.
Now go ahead, flame away.


One thought on “Confessions!

  1. mmmm a row of oreos sounds delish right now… i may be making a trip out to walmart in a minute!

    lol why would anyone flame you? WE LOVE YOU MANDA PANTS. and pregnancy plus a new marriage plus a full time job PLUS graduate school would make me consider running away from home… i don’t know how you do it! if being lazy for a few days is your biggest sin, i think you’re doing a great job =]

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