In Our House: Lovely Lighting

One of the many projects that both Hubby and I have been neglecting for so long is our IKEA chandelier. See that little black wrought iron-style chandelier in the “Favorite Things of the Minute”? That’s the one we bought in OCTOBER and still hadn’t put up until this month.

Our previous dining room chandelier wasn’t that bad. It was a little busy for my tastes, and it was huge. We have a small space as it is, and having a gigantic chandelier just made it look smaller. Not surprisingly, I couldn’t find any pictures of the old chandelier because it’s not exactly my favorite aspect of the house.

Here are some very crappy pictures of the new chandelier. I need to take some better pictures during the daytime when you can really sees the details. Oh, and don’t judge the chainlinks grouped at the bottom – we are going to cut out the extras and paint the linking S-hook black.


One thought on “In Our House: Lovely Lighting

  1. that chandelier is very stylish and modern. i like the way it looks without being like… overdone and dripping with ornate metal and plastic crystals and all that.

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