Inspiration: Bower Power = Awesome Centerpieces

There aren’t too many blogs that I read religiously (read: every single day if possible), but one I’ve recently begun coveting is All Bower Power. My love of YHL has introduced me to Katie and Jeremy Bower, who tackle all kinds of projects related to decorating and remodeling their home.

ABP recently ran a post about their old and new Christmas decorations, and I had to admit that I’ve never thought about using ornament anywhere but on the tree! Here are some inspiration pics that I loved:

And thus, a centerpiece was born! I had some oversized cognac vases left from the wedding that I wanted to use for a holiday centerpiece, but wasn’t sure how to incorporate. After seeing Katie’s post, I ran out to my local Hobby Lobby (well, I was already going for another project that will be posted shortly) and bought some foam vase filler in champagne and some sparkly shatterproof ornaments. So for less than $7, I was able to create a pretty centerpiece for all my holiday entertaining this year!

What kind of interesting centerpieces have you created for your holiday gatherings?

(NOTE: Foam vase filler is extremely flammable and the manufacturer recommends that all candles placed near/in the filler be in votive cups or jars, hence the jar candle in the middle instead of a pillar candle.)


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