Crafty Crafty: Ribbon Wreath

Last year, we threw out our old wreath when we moved from an apartment to our current house. It was falling apart, and quite frankly, too huge to fit anywhere on our new house. We would hang it on our balcony at the apartment, and being on the second floor made everything look smaller. This year, I needed inspiration for a new wreath, and so when I saw this re-posted from The Long Thread on The Nest, I knew it would be a great idea.

When searching for materials (because I hardly ever follow directions, haha), I decided to make a substitution – I used a double-set wire ring instead of a single foam ring. At the time, it was purely based on cost, but it ended up being neat! I used a lot less ribbon and was able to choose multiple colors to layer. This 12″ ring from Joann’s is only $1.49.

I picked out three different types of ribbon: red 1.5 inch grosgrain, sage 1 inch with eyelets, and ivory .5 inch with gold embossing.

And check out these cute little floral picks that I matched the ribbon to. Two little picks at $1 each equal instant bling that is gentle on my wallet.

The construction? A piece of cake! All I had to do was tie the ribbons on. The only issue I found was that the ribbons tend to fray on the ends, which means that they either need to be melted or treated with fray-check, that is unless you like that kind of look.

Isn’t it sooo pretty??? What kind of decorations have you come up with this holiday season?


3 thoughts on “Crafty Crafty: Ribbon Wreath

    1. It’s a type of ribbon that is thicker than normal ribbon. It is not satin-y. Think of gros in the French sense, as the strands of thread are thicker than, say, cloth.

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