In Our House: Scoop ‘Em Up

Since the holiday season is upon us, I’ve been baking up a storm. The more I bake, the more complicated it seems to get and the bigger batches I need. That’s why I finally broke down and got this handy little tool to help expedite the process:

Yep, that IS a mini ice cream scoop! If you haven’t thought of giving your ice cream scoop double duty, then you need to start! A traditional-sized scoop makes humongous cookies, so I’d recommend investing in a smaller scoop, around the 25 mm range. Here are some choices from Target, Wilton, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

And they also make the perfect size chunks for eating if you are adventurous enough to try the dough 🙂
What’s your favorite holiday cooking tool? Do you pine over silicone baking sheets or adore your piping bags?


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