Ahh! My Body Needs to Cooperate!

I’m getting kind of mad with my body this week. I want to improve at running but little things keep happening one by one. First, I was having trouble breathing (well, this one has never really stopped, but it’s gotten a little better), then my knee decided to start hurting on Monday, and today, I got a charlie horse right in the middle of running.

You can go ahead and say it. Ouch.

I was finishing cycle 4 of running and when I switched to walking, I nearly fell over. The entire front of my calve just locked up, like a jammed piston. The worst part? I was .8 mi from home, which meant that I had to WALK the .8 mi back home with the charlie horse! Needless to say, I am now icing the front of my calve.

Why can’t I just run????


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