Running Update

Well, the dilemma continues. I’m still having a ridiculous time with my calve muscles not cooperating. Last night, while my copies were running, I ran about four times around the top of the school before the front of my calve muscles locked up in charlie horses. I’ve talked to my friends who are runners, and they definitely aren’t shin splints, but still, I can’t stand that it’s stopping my progress!

As for weight loss, I haven’t lost any pounds. In fact, I gained 2 pounds. I haven’t seen any changes in my main measurements, but I have noticed one major difference: I no longer have that jiggly pouch between my thighs and butt!!! The running IS doing some good. (I apologize for the TMI, by the way…) Of course, I may have lost a little on my stomach, too, but good old TOM has me bloated like a way. Fun TOM, always ruining my progress.

So even though I haven’t seen major changes, I am really happy that my legs are finally starting to lean out! YAY!


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