I’m getting ready for my run, which I have been anticipating all day. I’ll edit this post and add more after it’s over, but I’m going to try to do only a 90 second recovery walking time for all 10 cycles today! That is, unless, Rhonda stops me to talk in between, in which case, the time between the 7th and 8th cycle will be about 15 minutes, lol.

Well, that didn’t work out so well. I forgot that it’s really hard, even for seasoned runners, to swim and run in the same day. I was so excited about the run, that I just went without thinking, which meant that by the third cycle my knees and ankles were killing me! I don’t just swim when I go to the pool with the kids, either. I cycle and run under the water while holding my body up on the edge of the pool. It’s like doing lateral pull-ups in the water, then cycling with your feet up for an hour.

Oh well. Even though it killed me, I finished the two miles. Now I’m going to take a cold bath to ice my ankles and knee so I don’t hurt them, and enjoy one scoop of my favorite ice cream. I earned it today.


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