A Day in the Life

I’m really only writing this post for me. So sorry in advance. Lifestyle post and such.

A day in the life of me right now is… interesting. exciting. exhausting. very full.

(Yes, I know all of those periods should be commas, or I should at least capitalize the words. Beh.)

4:30 am – Wake up. Seriously. Grab Colin from the crib. After a week of waking him up this early, he hears my approaching footsteps and smiles really big, which makes getting up 15 minutes early to nurse him totally worth it. We head back to my bed where I nurse him while relaxing for a few more minutes, and I read a really sweet email from my husband from after I went to bed last night.

4:45 am – Put Colin back in his crib (thank God he’s a quick nurser!) and head back to my bed. My hair doesn’t look awful, so I grab 15 extra minutes of sleep even though I just slept 8 hours (last night was thankfully a night I could go to bed at normal time).

5:00 am – Hit the snooze. Nine more minutes of heaven. Probably a bad idea but I totally don’t care.

5:10 am – Grudgingly turn off my alarm on my phone. Take my medicine and realize there is no more iced tea left. Darn! I have enough pop at school to make it through the day, so I microwave some water for hot tea while I fix my hair (that’s a loose term on this fine morning) and get dressed. Luckily, I was thinking about what to wear while nursing, so that at least was easy. Pack my lunch, make my tea, and head out. You can probably tell by now that I’m not a morning person!

5:30 am – In the car “early” today! I have to leave no later than 6:00 if I want to get to school by 7:30 AND there is absolutely no traffic, but I don’t like those odds and there has been a bit of construction lately, so 5:45 is on-time and 5:30am is normal. Turn up Q102 and wait until 6am for Jeff and Jenn to start.

6:00 am – See a giant black dog on the side of the windy, country road and in my sleepiness scream out, “It’s the grimm!” Obviously I’m a little too obsessed with Harry Potter.

7:00 am – Arrive at school. Usually I sit in the car for 5 or 10 minutes and put on makeup, but today was just one of those days. I head up to my room and realize that I left my desks in a huge mess and that I have very few plans since it’s the beginning of school and I’m still forming and shaping this new French program. I start my day, thanking God that I have first period planning and a chance to wake up until I’m not so grumpy that I can’t carry on a nice conversation. An administrator drops by to let me know that 100 (yes, 100!) kids have signed up for French Club during club time, but she was nice and didn’t overwhelm me, so I have 20 kids who will be joining my club starting tomorrow. I’m speechless. Who knew languages could be cool?

8:40 am – My kindergarten class arrives, and by this time, I’m nice and caffeinated. Somehow I’ve also managed to plan for the day, type and print materials, make all my copies, and rearrange my desks in a new order. Go me! My K kids today are excellent and not too scared of all this brand new French craziness I keep saying to them. I also see a second grade class after them and prepare to switch gears for middle school.

10:30 am – Time for my middle school exploration class. They do a great job with their impromptu conversations even though they are nervous to get up in front of the class for the first time. My class rug comes in during this period! Yes! I unroll it during the next period (French 1) while they are working on their journals (bellringers). I’m happy that it’s only the fifth day of school and I’m using 80% immersion yet they understand me fairly well. I’ll beef it up in the next week or two as we get deeper into vocabulary they’ll need.


1:15 pm – Time for fourth grade, so I’m switching gears again. They are too smart and catch on too quickly so I need to beef up my curriculum. As I’m teaching, I make a mental note to start the next section in their class as soon as possible. After that is third grade, and finally my LAST intro to French class. I’m glad that I can finally put this lesson away and start focusing on other things for the next week.

2:45 pm – French 2 kids arrive from the high school and help the third graders with me until they leave at announcements, and then we start their class. Since there aren’t many of them, we sit on the rug (their suggestion lol) and continue our review/revision of French 1. School lets out for K-8 at 3:00, but we go until high school dismissal, which is 3:30. This is the easiest class for me since I’ve taught it so many times and since the class is small, so I can be more casual. It’s nice to end the day with something I feel completely comfortable with.

3:35 pm – The Fr2 students leave, and I actually have a bit of energy, so I finish my afternoon snack and work for a bit. I discover a ton of new teachers and resources on Edmodo. Yes! I don’t have a ton of elementary resources, so this is actually super helpful.

5:00 pm – Crap. It’s later than I like to leave because of the drive. I pack up and head out. I stop half-way home for gas, but I talk to my mom for the first 2/3 of my trip as she is driving home, too, so it passes quickly. I spend the last 1/3 listening to Canadian French radio on Sirius XM.

6:30 pm – Time to hit the print shop since my invitation printer is broken. It’s a quick process since they are getting to know me pretty well, haha. Head home to my family but stop on the way for more tea bags (see: start of my day).

7:15 pm – Get home just in time for dinner (thanks, babe!) and sit down with my family. Colin is in the swing, so I catch up with Clark and Jason and spend a few minutes just hanging out with Clark.

7:45 pm – Nurse Colin before he goes to bed and play with him for a bit. He’s got some huge smiles for me, though, and I try to capture them on camera. Here’s the best one I got since everything was shaky. He looks a little crazy, haha. Put him to bed soon after.


8:45 pm – Say goodnight to Clark after hanging out with him again for a few minutes and pull out my laptop. I really shouldn’t write this blog post, but it’s rather cathartic and I need a few minutes to myself, too, that aren’t in a car.

And here’s how the rest of my night is going to go:

9:30 pm – Gotta hop in the shower even though I’m exhausted and just want to sleep. If I shower and blow dry my hair tonight, it will be good for two days and I just need a quick refresher shower tomorrow night.

10:00 pm – Cut invitations, print postage, and box them up for shipping. If I feel like I can stay awake at all, I’ll at least make a to-do list for tomorrow, but I’m hoping to work at least for a little bit.

10:45 pm – Go to bed, hopefully. It’s going to be only 6 short hours until I wake up tomorrow.


Honestly, with all the driving my life is a little too full right now. But would I trade it? Absolutely not. I love, love, love my job and even though the drive STINKS, it’s only temporary. Moving will come at some point and it will all be better. And besides, Fall Break is only 7 weeks away, so I will have 3 weeks to catch up and plan ahead pretty soon. Then things will be much better. And with the support of my amazing husband, who is somehow keeping up with full-time grad school and two kids as well as job applications, and looking forward to my sweet babies getting excited when I come home everyday, who could really complain? It’s complicated, but I’m also blessed in so many ways.





2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. That made me tired just reading it! Go Amanda 🙂 I’m so happy for you that you’ve found a job you love and it seems to be working out well with your family too. You give me encouragement that I can handle full-time work and 22 credit hours. I pack my lunch the night before though, lol.

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