Menu Planning Help


Update: I will soon be sharing each of these recipes so if you want to know how to make them, stay tuned!

I started an iPhone photo dump last night (actually, I didn’t realize my iPhone did it automatically to my computer lol!) and as I was going through photos planning photo dump posts so you can see what we’ve been doing since I got pregnant (sorry), a brilliant idea struck.


You know those times when you don’t know what to cook? It happens in our house a lot. I’m a great cook with lots of ideas, but nothing sounds good. And, often, when I finally decide to make something and we are just kind of blasé about it, by the time it is finished we realize how good it actually tastes and that it really did hit the spot. But when we go to restaurants, we have the same problem unless there are pictures. We both tend to gravitate towards menu options that have a satisfying-looking photo accompanying the description, or else we stick to something we’ve had before.


So, beginning with the very few pictures I have on my phone, I’m going to start a menu photo book labeled with what is on the plate. It just means remembering to take a pic with my phone before we start eating, and then labeling and printing that pic later. I’m not going to do any fancy laminating or anything – just throw the pics in a binder and let them sit on a shelf until we can’t decide what to have. But seriously, what an EASY life hack to help us out! Do you have any great menu planning ideas for those nights when you don’t know what to have? Leave a comment below!




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