Goals for 2013-14

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Welcome to my new goals for this year (accessible on my blog as the Goals Page)! My DZP list was set to expire this September, and while I love the idea of DZP, I find that it is just too daunting. Too many goals, too long of a time period, and too often left as an afterthought because of all the changes that happen in the span of 2.75 years. Heck, the last time I even wrote my list, Clark was only a few months old and we definitely did not envision ourselves expanding our family, confronting the prospect of moving away, or having the jobs we have.

As teachers, we tend to think of our years similarly to companies in that they run summer to summer. My goals, therefore, reflect the fact that as the summer is beginning, a new phase of our lives is beginning. New Year’s Day really means very little to me, but the beginning of June symbolizes that iconic shift in behavior and goal-setting. And really, our lives change so much with the waxing and waning of each school year that it is just unreasonable to go any further than one year out. I also narrowed the amount of goals. One hundred and one goals was far too many to keep any of them at the forefront of my mind, so I’ve kept the list rather small, with the exception of chunking out some of the bigger goals (there goes my teacher brain again, chunking large things into small, manageable tasks! lol). So here it is, folks: my 2013-14 goals list.


1. Visit MawMaw and PawPaw over Spring Break.
2. Do an overnight getaway, just me and the Hubs


3. Family beach trip with both boys
4. Go camping
5. Build a family snow man
6. Go to church regularly
7. Make a new family tradition
8. Feel confident going out in public by myself with boy of the boys at once


9. Pay off non-SL debts (this is broken up into smaller pieces on my confidential list)
10. Raise credit score to certain amount to prepare for moving, buying new cars, and buying a house (again, same as above)
11. Save an emergency fund of one paycheck – not enough, but a good start for this year!
12. Save for moving expenses (approx. $500)

For Others

13. Donate old, unwanted or unused possessions
14. Volunteer for 10 hours
15. Fix cosmetic issues at Grandma’s house so she can sell a bit easier

Health & Fitness

16. Lose 5 pounds
17. Lose 10 pounds
18. Lose 20 pounds
19. Lose 30 pounds
20. Run a mile
21. Cut down to only 1 caffeinated drink per day
22. Drink water for the majority of beverages each day


23. Post to the blog every 2 weeks (reasonable considering new job)
24. Go to the spa and pamper myself
25. Finish Clark’s first year scrapbook
26. Start Colin’s scrapbook
27. Start wedding scrapbook
28. Organize all possessions and pare down what we don’t need


29. Make it through this school year! My dream job is amazing, but it’s also going to be a tremendous amount of work for the first few years.
30. Teach in the target language for 90% of instructional time
31. Build a network of FLES resources
32. Sell $100 worth of products on TPT



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