Data Binder {FREEBIE}

I keep seeing these wonderful student data binders floating all over Pinterest. Each time I think, “I’d love to do that!” So since it is spring break and I’m pretty well laid up in bed until this baby comes, I created a data binder that I can use and I wanted to pass it along for FREE!

Let me say first that it is not complete, but in the most fabulous way. The missing pieces are blank pages for content standard checklists, which means you can customize it to YOUR state’s standards! Here in KY we use Common Core for math and ELA, but our social studies standards are quite a bit different and we are changing to the new NextGen science standards once they are finalized next month (so therefore I have no idea what the final draft will be yet). Everything is customizable since it is a word document (for example, I used the third grade MAP benchmarks but you can change them) or you can print the PDF version and paste in the extras you want. Just follow the directions on the info page to download the cute fonts, too!

Click on the pics to go to the zipped folder in my Dropbox. These are not all of the pages – just a sampling of what’s available (and you can add your own pages, too)!

cover 1 2 5 8 11



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