Couch Hunting

Hello, my name is Amanda, and I have a problem.

I am extremely picky about couches.

And to make it worse, I actually listen to what my husband wants/needs, making me even pickier.

We’ve decided on dark brown leather.

And a normal back (many leather couches have a low back). But other than that, my husband doesn’t really care if it is fluffy like a man cave/dorm room leather couch, and I want something super high class that goes with the rest of our style. We are going to transition this living room over the next few months, and this couch will be our main couch for at least the next 5 years, so… I’m picky.

I loved this couch from Target:

Living Room Mood Board

But Target no longer offers it! Sigh. Jason wasn’t thrilled with ordering a couch and not being able to sit on it first. And honestly, I couldn’t disagree with him.

Being the crazy online shopper I am, I have been scouring websites for a couch that fits my parameters: not too loose on the cushions (I hate when leather looks super squishy), an easily-cleanable leather, clean lines with rolled arms (to match that hint of a traditional style), a good color that doesn’t look too worn, no gaudy details that will be hard to match if my style needs tweaked down the road… But I get discouraged because the local furniture stores (Ashley, Morris, Value City, etc.) either don’t have what I want at all, or refuse to put any prices on their websites.

Puh-lease, Morris Furniture. I am not going to get my heart set on a couch only to find out that it is Pottery Barn priced. We have kids, plural. We want something reasonable.

So I checked out Macy’s. All of their furniture is on sale right now (and to be honest, it seems like it is almost always on sale). AND BONUS, they have a sample of a couch I love at our local store, so hubby and I can sit on it and test it out.


You can click on the image to go check it out, as always. Gotta be a responsible blogger.

So I said I love it? Yeah, well I hate the feet. They are a little too traditional for me, and I don’t think the color really matches the leather.  But those are super easily changed. Seriously, you just unscrew them and screw in the new legs.

I like these unfinished legs from Lowe’s. And they are super cheap, meaning you can score all four of them for $36. I’m sure there is a different option through the manufacturer, but it wouldn’t be nearly as cheap. I’d probably paint them an espresso color, or maybe even ORB?

We still have yet to actually try out the sofa, and we haven’t even finished the move yet so it will be a few weeks until we buy it, but I think this may be the one!



4 thoughts on “Couch Hunting

  1. We bought a new couch recently and we really had to test them out! They definitely had to be durable because we can’t keep the dogs off of them 🙂 You should check out Big Lots. They seem a little sketchy but you can find really good deals there.

  2. I have to try and steer you away from Big Lots. My friend bought a couch there and it was infested with Bed Bugs. They ended up just putting it out on the curb.They ended up spending a few weeks living in their basement.

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