Knotty Nautical

So even though I’ve hinted, I haven’t officially announced it on the blog yet: we are having another boy! Colin Grant is due in May, which means his nursery will be high priority on the remodel to-do list.

Hubs and I have been discussing nursery themes a lot lately, and while he was excited that I briefly considered Super Mario Bros., I quickly realized that it would drive me nuts after about, oh, 2.5 seconds. And call me crazy, but from the behavior of this baby in utero and his hilarious ultrasound performance (he would hide his face with his hands and kick whenever the tech put the ultrasound wand against him), I can already tell he is going to be an old soul who likes his privacy. I’ve been steering towards nurseries he can grow into, and we both agreed that nautical would be a great fit!

Nautical Themed Nursery

After a ton of Pinterest searching and discussions with friend and Hubs, I’ve realized that I want to add some modern twists to our nautical theme. The picture above is my color inspiration pic (click on it to go to the pin and the original source website). I absolutely loved this half of the nursery featured, but didn’t dig the other half so much.

The nursery is tiny, tiny, tiny, so while I think navy walls are awesome, I want to add pops of yellow instead of red to expand the room a bit. It currently has heinous faux wood paneling on the walls (with perfect plaster behind them), so I think I’m going to remove the paneling down to chair rail height, add some trim, and paint it white to make a batten board look. The walls above the paneling will be navy, and the ceiling will get a fresh coat of white paint.

For the dresser, I love this long 6-drawer unfinished piece from IKEA, which I’m going to paint the body white and the top dark brown like the expensive PBKids nautical line. You really can’t beat solid wood for that price! I’m going to get some non-toxic, low VOC stain or paint to redo the crib (thanks to a grubby toddler who once teethed on the rail). I’ll repurpose Clark’s rocker and ottoman by either making new cushions or ordering new ones from the manufacturer (the current cushions were attacked by an elderly cat, eww).

I have no idea what I’m going to do for bedding or curtains. I don’t really like anything out there. I do know that I will do a mix of traditional accents and more modern ones, or traditional accents painted with modern colors. If anyone can find me a rug similar to the one above that is actually a decent price in a 4×6/4×7/4×8/5×7/5×8, I would be forever grateful!!

For the sliding closet doors and main pocket door, I’m not sure what to do yet. We’ll have to see how the rest of the house unfolds. I have a feeling that they will be one of the last decisions I make.

Everything is highly flexible at this point, but since we have a lot of other remodeling projects to take on as well as the nursery, we knew that we needed to make a commitment to a theme so we can get started soon. What do you think of the theme? Have you seen any pins I can add to my Pinterest board?



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