Buying for Number Two

As I was cleaning Clark’s room today, I started to take notice of things that I needed to put away for Colin. I also noticed things that need to be replaced or upgraded due to wear and tear, so I ran off to my laptop to start a post – not only to ask for your input, but to help me keep check of the things I need (since prego brain tends to get in my way a lot these days!).


You would think that having a second child, especially one of the same gender, would mean lots less to buy. And in many ways, it does. But we also have to upgrade to a four-people-in-our-family lifestyle. Here’s what I have on my list so far.

  • A new (better) crib mattress. We need another mattress, and this one is for Clark’s toddler bed, which takes the same size mattress. The crib has a nice, almost boxspring support on the bottom, but the toddler bed only has six rails across the frame, meaning it’s not very supportive with just a mattress. Do they make toddler-sized boxsprings? I’m also thinking a piece of plywood over the rails might help sturdy it up a bit. I like this highly-rated posturepedic mattress.
  • A dresser or chest of drawers for Clark. Our current set will stay in the nursery (although I don’t love it because it needs to be reinforced a bit), so Clark doesn’t have any clothes storage. I’m thinking I might find a sturdy, ugly piece on Craigslist for cheap to redo since it will take a lot of abuse over the upcoming years!
  • A ton more sheets and changing pad covers. Our current stuff has lasted the last two years, but it looks gross. When I changed the changing pad cover today, I was appalled at how dirty and gross it looked even though it was freshly washed! I need double the sheets for both boys, anyway.
  • A double stroller. We used our stroller a TON up until recently, and I’m thinking one of the new sit and stand models would be nice because it would allow Clark some freedom to get in and out a bit while still allowing one person to corral both kids. My only concern is that almost every single model only goes up to 40 pounds in each seat or 40 inches tall, and our very tall little man is already 32-34 pounds and 38ish inches tall! Any feedback from families that have one of these strollers?
  • New nursery decor. Sure, I could use the almost-perfect condition gear I already have, but Colin is going to get a lot of hand-me-downs as it is, so I think it is important to make his nursery decor special, just for him. I can already tell a lot about his personality, so I think I can find a decor style that will work for my little man for the first two years 🙂

Any suggestions from second-time (or more) moms or dads? What am I missing that will need restocked? Any info on that stroller?



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