Turnback Tuesday: Preteen Fashion Edition

This is going to be hilarious.

I’ve always been very fashion forward (eye roll), even now, and we’re going to celebrate my awesome fashion taste today.

Are you ready?


First up is my 10th birthday party. Check out my awesome jean dress layered over a plain white tee, amazing white tights, and my favorite – the choker. Oh my goodness, did I love my chokers! I had so many different ones with different charms. Gotta love 1996. Denim was the hottest thing, and the more denim in an outfit, the better.

Next up is my favorite dress. I’m not joking. I loved this lime velour dress dress so much (that I would wear with black tights and lime green knee-high socks) that when Oma’s dog chewed a whole hole (*smacks head* – I don’t often have typos, but seriously???? I promise I know the difference!) in it, I patched it up with that hilarious smiley face and those little white lace things. I wore this dress all.the.time. What was I thinking?Notice how much more wavy my hair is in this one or two year transition. And the huge glasses 🙂

Finally, we have the skort. Skorts are awesome! Don’t you agree? And navy with neon plaid, so exciting. Recognize the Keds?

I hope this has been a fun edition of Turnback Tuesday! What kind of hilarious fashion mishaps can you think of in your past?


2 thoughts on “Turnback Tuesday: Preteen Fashion Edition

  1. I wore corduroy jumpers for most of elementary school. Also I had a white skort with yellow flowers and I LOVED them! Also, that first picture of you is absolutely adorable!

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