Crafty Crafty: Modified Date Night Jar

We’ve all seen this awesome date night jar on Pinterest (click on image to follow to original post):

I absolutely loved the idea because often, we either don’t have the money for a formal “date”, or the time, or when we do have both we can’t decide what to do! I aimed to make this project as cheaply as possible, so the only thing I purchased was the set of craft sticks. In making my Date Night Jar, I washed an empty chocolate milk mix container. It was the perfect height to hold the craft sticks and even a baggie of extra sticks that we haven’t written on yet. I didn’t do anything super fancy (and maybe will in the future when it’s not stashed away in a cabinet), so I covered the container in scrapbooking paper and wrote on it with a Sharpie. After all, the theme is DIY on a very small budget!

I opted for the small sticks instead of the large ones for two reasons: the came in more colors (for adding more categories later) and they came in a much bigger pack for the money. Sure, they fall over sometimes, but it helps randomize things.

We also don’t necessarily draw them at random. Sometimes, we simply pick out all the sticks of one color and choose something that we haven’t done for awhile or that sounds interesting to us. I’ve written the categories on the back as a reminder.

And just to help you find some date ideas, here are some (but not all) of our sticks, by category.

Orange: At Home

Yellow: $ to $$

Green: $$$ + and prior planning


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