Pinterest: Keep up with your friends’ new boards!

I’ve been on Pinterest since the open beta and have since seen it grow from about 13,000 members to over 10 million members. Needless to say, there have been some changes along the way, and while I find the interface to be fairly intuitive, there are some tips & tricks that can help you have an even better pinning experience.

Today’s trick: how to keep up with your friends’ new boards!

Did you know that even if you are subscribed to all of someone’s boards, when they add a new board you are not automatically subscribed? Here’s how to fix it!

First, click on the down arrow by your name and click ‘Find Friends’.

Then, click the red ‘Follow All’ button IF there are names underneath. These are people who have added boards recently. I try to do this about once a week. Note that these are only Facebook friends that are on Pinterest already. The number NEVER matches the actual amount of people or Facebook friends you are following, just an FYI.

And you are done! What other Pinterest tips & tricks would you like to see in the future?


2 thoughts on “Pinterest: Keep up with your friends’ new boards!

  1. i had no idea… i’ll be heading back to pinterest in a couple weeks and i’ll use this tip. Merci =]

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