Dear Katie Bower

I was really moved by your post today. I’ve been following your blog for almost four years now – you are one of the few blogs that I read religiously (ha! total double meaning). I absolutely love how you are exactly yourself – no fake persona or making things seem “cooler” – regardless of what life brings you. You aren’t afraid to be nerdy and fun, and that’s inspiring.

Seeing your family grow and change over the years gives me hope for the future. Will is just four months older than my own son so watching him is like a window into events that are ever-present on our horizon. Not only did I tear up when I saw the amazing values and love for God that you have instilled in him, but capturing the look on Jeremy’s face when you told your family that there is going to be another baby Bower was tremendous. The love and awe in that moment — I don’t even know what to say. You have the real thing, my dear, and I know because I have it, too. Thank you so much for sharing such a private moment. It was better than the best chick flick – I was sobbing from the beauty. May God continue to bless you and your family, and please, NEVER stop blogging!


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