…And We’re Off!

Yesterday, I wrote about my many, many resolutions for the new year. Today, I want to show some of the things I’m already working on to give me a fighting chance at finishing them all.

First off, do you notice something different? There’s a new header and color scheme, complete with a change in background. It reflects a couple things that I’ve been seriously into lately, including chevron print, gray and yellow, and a dark cyan accent. I also chose dashes instead of dots for my lines because I like the more modern, geometric look. The site looks so much more cohesive and professionally done.

I’m still not sure I dig the background. I got it from a license-free background site (I would only use those images or create my own – no stealing here!) and it’s cool that it has a fabric texture, but I don’t know if it’s quite “me” yet. I’ll let it settle in for a bit.

Other things that I’m working on?

Go camping. We haven’t done this as a couple at all, although we’ve been with my family several times. I can’t say much more because I’ll ruin some surprises for some people, but I’m working on projects for a family camping trip sometime in April or May. *rubs hands together maniacally*

Lose 5 pounds. I started using SparkPeople again today. I wanted to start drinking water again today, too, but I ended up several Coke Zeroes into the day and it didn’t happen. I have analyzed my caloric intake, though, and I completely understand why I’ve been putting on weight so quickly. Time to get back on the horse!

Have a booth at a craft show. I’m picking out my starter materials! I’m going to start with about $30-40 worth of supplies and make as many as possible to perfect my design and even send out a few as gifts. I’m also going to build a custom lightbox for photographing the items because they need to be hung to accurately reflect the products. Thanks to my AMAZING friends and family who helped me find common themes in my product!

Skype with my friends who live far away. I’ve been working on this one and have actually done it a bit, but I need to catch up some more. I’m a terrible friend right now, haha. So, I’m making a list and planning Skype dates with lots of people.

 Search & Win

One last thing – did you notice that I have a SPONSOR??? Check out my SwagBucks button. It’s a legitimate points system where you can earn merchandise or gift cards. It’s one of the few non-spammy sites like this out there. When you click and sign up, I’ll get matching bucks up to the first 1000 that you earn, which is almost a $10 gift card to several places.

Is everyone still on target with their resolutions?


One thought on “…And We’re Off!

  1. My resolutions have been going well, too. I work out 4 days a week and haven’t missed a session yet! Also, it’s been a month and a half since I’ve had anything but water to drink. Every now and then ill have sip of soda, more out of curiosity than craving, and each time Im turned off.

    The swag bucks thing looks cool! How does it work?

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