A Whole New Magazine Experience

I’m not ashamed to admit it – I am a magazine junkie, especially when I can get a great deal on a subscription (like using Coke Reward Points). And I’m a paper-person, meaning I prefer books over Kindles and paper magazines over online versions. That is, until now.

Don’t get me wrong – I won’t be canceling my subscriptions anytime soon. But these online-based ‘zines offer something ultra cool; they are free! Because these magazines are produced solely for the internet, the overhead is much lower allowing the publishers to give away the products and still make a profit by linking all advertisements and some products to the advertiser’s website. It’s actually a really cool feature because you don’t have to hunt down something that you really like – you just click on the item and you are taken directly to it!

Another interesting feature is the ability to embed video. I witnessed just how cool this was today when I watched an interview with Jonathan Adler and Charlotte Moss. It makes those Q&A sessions so much more fun. Can you imagine having even more interviews with celebrity hotties when this happens to Cosmo? Anyway, check out two of my favorite decor magazines online. And don’t worry, they didn’t skimp – each magazine is huge and gorgeously laid out. Enjoy!


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