Recipe Showcase: A Twist to Chicken Salad Dip

Sorry there aren’t any pictures with this post. My Nikon pooped out so I no longer have a DSLR 😦 I guess it’s time to buy a cheap point and shoot and start saving for a D90!

If you are on Pinterest, you’ve undoubtedly seen pictures of a delicious looking stuffed baguette. I decided I was going to make one for my lunch tomorrow, but stuff it with chicken salad dip. In the process, however, I changed the dip and made it even yummier than before! My husband emphatically agrees, haha.

The original chicken salad dip recipe is this:

One can chunk chicken, drained

One package cream cheese

A whole small onion, diced finely

A fair dash of lemon juice and worchestershire sauce to taste

Mix it all together and serve on crackers (my favorite are the Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Gluten Free crackers that you can find in Kroger’s Deli or in bulk at Sam’s – they have an amazing crunch, even if you don’t need something gluten free!).

So how did I change the recipe?

First, I finely diced some sun-dried tomatoes and added those plus the onion in a small skillet to sauté. Because the tomatoes are packed in olive oil, I didn’t need to add anything to the pan. Once the onions were good and translucent, I added the chicken and broke it up with my wooden spoon, then the lemon juice and worchestershire sauce. Finally, I add the cream cheese and the mixture to a mixing bowl and combined everything. Pop it in the fridge to gel, and you’ve got a tasty little dip.

Now, stuffing it into the baguette takes it to a whole new level because you can just slice it all up and go. Mmm, mmm – are you jealous of my lunch tomorrow?


2 thoughts on “Recipe Showcase: A Twist to Chicken Salad Dip

  1. your recipe is VERY different from mine… i’ll have to try yours sometime.


    1 can chunk chicken, drained

    enough mayo to make it moist (this is personal preference–i use less than my sister but more than my mom). i prefer hellman’s olive oil mayo.

    diced green onion (again, preference–i can’t stand when my food is too oniony)

    diced celery (i use about an inch from the bottom of the stalk)

    dill pickle relish (to taste; i go heavy on the relish, especially if i have no celery)

    carrots (my sister started this in an effort to eat more veggies. i think she uses 1/2 a whole carrot or a handful of baby carrots)

    Basically, i throw all of the veggies in the food processor to get them nice and fine, then add them to my chicken and plop some mayo on. (sorry, i don’t have measurements–it’s all done by eye!) I prefer my chicken salad to be more textured so i break up the chunks with a fork by hand. (my sister puts it through the food processor as well and it comes out like a grainy liquid to me.) i mix until i feel i have an even ratio of green to white. finally, i add emeril’s chicken rub (bam!) and a LITTLE bit of Tony Chachere’s (i don’t find it spicy but a lot of other people do, so proceed with caution on that one). Fridge it, etc.

    I eat mine on whole wheat toast with mustard. Can you tell i like salty and tangy in my recipe?

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