Blessing Bags

We’ve all seen someone who is homeless, especially recently. I don’t know about you, but I become really torn: on the one hand, I really want to help them, but on the other hand, most of the time I’m by myself so I am afraid. I’ve been known to nervously throw a bag of food out my window at a homeless person after a grocery trip (something I’m kind of ashamed for having done, but it was the only way I could conquer my fear of being harmed).  Other times, I don’t have anything to give someone. I’ve always had a strong desire to take care of people.

While on Pinterest, I came across this great blog post about making Blessing Bags to hand out to the homeless. You keep these in your car and if you happen upon someone, you have a kit ready to go. I’d make a few changes/additions, though:

-Add a travel size of dry shampoo. How often does someone who is homeless have access to a shower?

-Instead of a Starbucks gift card, what about a gift card to a local truck stop? They can’t be used on alcohol/tobacco, but more importantly, they CAN be used to rent a shower, buy food/coffee, or even a magazine for some entertainment (because let’s face it, sometimes it’s nice to have a distraction from one’s current position in life).

-Add a note of encouragement. I’m not talking about a quick, two-line card. Write something of substance. Remember, you can use this note in each bag, so make it count. You might just provide the thing that gets that person through a tough day.

My challenge? I want everyone to make three of these to start. If you don’t give them out in a month or two, then donate them to your local homeless shelter. It’s important to change someone’s life, even if it’s something small. I promise that doing so will change your life, too.


One thought on “Blessing Bags

  1. what a thoughtful idea. i think i’m going to make some of these for women and kids and donate them to our local battered women’s shelter (the location is hidden but i’m sure if i bring it to a local police station or church, somebody will get the kits there).

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