Post #101: Oh hai, readers!

I can’t believe that it’s been 101 posts! Of course, if I wasn’t such a slacker, we would be on a much higher number. But I did want you to know that we are still alive and well, and to add some photos and info on the precious little one!

Clark turned 8 weeks this past Thursday, and he will be an astounding 2 months old on Tuesday! I can’t believe that as of Tuesday, he will no longer be considered a newborn. Sigh. We weighed him last night and he’s around 12 pounds, and around 25 inches long. He has finally started to chub up a bit the last few weeks, since he spent the first several weeks adding 3 inches to his length!

Sleeping has been going well. Clark consistently goes to sleep for his first stretch somewhere around 9-9:30 and is now sleeping around 4 hours solid. This may not seem like a big deal, but it ends up with him having one less feeding during the middle of the night. Previously, it was 12, 3, and 6 am. Now, it’s really only 1 and 4, and then 7 but we’re up anyway. That means that we’re only up once each, and that is HUGE. It almost feels like he is sleeping through the night, especially for me since I can feed him in bed 🙂 He goes to sleep in his crib every night for the first, and sometimes second stretch, but when I get him around 4, I usually just keep him in bed with us for the short stretch until we get up for work. This week, he has also started sleeping with the lights off in his room and only his glowing bird night light on. When he was sleeping in the bassinet in our room, if we would turn out the light, he’d wake up and cry. We assumed that he’d feel that way in his room, too, so we haven’t turned the light off, but recently when he’s been in our room for that last stretch, he hasn’t minded it, so Jason started using just his night light. The best part is that his night light is covered in a soft pliable plastic and plugs in to charge during the day, but is unplugged and in his crib with him at night. It’s so precious 🙂 Target doesn’t have the bird anymore in every store, but they do have a white bear, a blue truck, and a mushroom.

And here it is glowing in his crib:

Eating was getting better for awhile. I finally worked up and built my supply back up to almost sustain him, where he was only getting 1 formula bottle a day and then it hit. My son became an eating machine! He went from eating 3-4 ounces in a sitting to usually eating 6! Now, he’s only getting about half breast milk again and my poor ladies can’t keep up. I can’t even pump at lunch because I’m not full enough until after work is over. I’m going to have to start downing the fenugreek again, ick. Thank God for Meghan for giving it to me, but they smell like maple syrup and I gag every time I have to take them. They do work after about a week, though, so hopefully we’ll be back to all mommy milk soon.

Clark has started to try to smile a lot in the last two weeks, and he is starting to want to be entertained, which has been really fun for us most of the time (although sometimes it’s pretty darn inconvenient). We’re finally starting to see a few big smiles, especially while he sleeps, and Clark now sometimes thinks that tickling is a fun thing. He is just so darn cute!

And now for some pictures.

Mommy’s photoshoot model – isn’t he gorgeous???

He loves his daddy SO much!

This is our favorite sleeper! It fits him pretty snug, now, though, so we are afraid that we’ll have to retire it soon 😦

If I had it my way, he’d be dressed in little man preppy clothes for the rest of his life.

Hanging out with Aunt Tammy outside

This is my Zoolander face.

Sleeping on Auntie Debbie at Sammy’s baby shower – look at this little smile!!!

Little Man on the special quilt that his Mawmaw made him. It symbolizes the two worlds important to Superman. Here you see Earth, with its yellow sun. The opposite side is red with a red sun, representing Krypton.



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