Quick Tip: Making Templates

After last night’s post, my head is swimming with hundreds of ideas to make crafty fun projects, but I thought I’d share a quick tip to make templates for those fun projects.

If you have ever had to make more than one item from a pattern (whether the pattern is your own or something you found), it gets tedious to trace or cut because you don’t want to damage the pattern, and you often end up with less-than-perfect lines.

The solution? Dollar-store flexible cutting mats. You probably have a few of these translucent cutting boards laying around the house (which are great for chopping things and then bending the mat into a spout to make cooking easy), but grab a few new ones. Then, trace the pattern onto the board (translucency is key here!) and cut with a pair of nice-and-sharp scissors. You now have a much more durable template for your projects, and the cost is minimal.

Happy crafting 🙂 !


2 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Making Templates

  1. what do you use a template for? this sounds like a clever idea but i just wouldn’t know how to use it!

    1. Say you want to make more than one of something – maybe for Christmas gifts? Then you would need a template to make sure everything lines up correctly. Usually, people make them out of cardboard or paper, but this is much more durable.

      Here’s an example – You want to make a paper doll set for your three cousins for Christmas, but you know that if they aren’t exactly the same, they’ll fight over them. So you trace the basic outline of the doll onto one of these sheets and cut them out, and now you have a traceable template that will hold up for many uses.

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