Reader Weigh-In: Art for Clark?

Obviously, my number one project right now is finding all the perfect pieces for Clark’s future home, and I’ve been trying to find some art to work. My question is this: Would the print below (one of my recent photography pieces) look good for a nursery? I was thinking in a dark wood frame, either with or without a white matte? What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Reader Weigh-In: Art for Clark?

  1. Love the print and think it’s perfect for a nursery. Colors would really pop and it would be a nice contrast as you mentioned- white matte and dark wood frame. Lovely.

  2. I think it would look great as well. I would also use a dark frame. The white mat would help it stand out. How big are you thinking about making it? If you don’t want to make it big a set of two prints arranged near each other would look nice.

    1. Ooh, two prints might work if I can find/take another one. I think I’m going to make it poster-sized, maybe 16×20 or even 20×30 if the resolution allows. Obviously, the one I posted is a smaller resolution, but the original is huge (thank you, Nikon!) so I have some leeway. Snapfish will tell me if it’s too big to look clear.

      What about a light blue matte, to offset the little bit of sky in the background?

  3. LOL, well first, I would classify myself as crafty and not artsy. Second, I think the estrogen has amped it up a bit, although I’ve always been into this sort of thing. I just never had the hardware to do it until recently.

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