Header Heaven!

As you may have noticed, the header on my blog is boring and looks cheap. Well, it was cheap, considering that I’m not a graphic designer by any means! So I’m asking for your help. I don’t currently have the funds to pay for a theme overhaul on my site (it isn’t currently set up to generate revenue), but I’m willing to offer a trade of sorts. If you would like to submit a new header to possibly be used, email me at twobluepillars@gmail.com with an image and if selected, I will put up an ad for your business or blog for 6 months in my sidebar. The image would need to be 920 x 180 pixels and would need to be something that won’t get me in trouble for copyright infringement. Oh, and your business or blog can’t be something that I don’t want my readers to see (i.e. porn, etc.). May the best designer win!


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