Reader Weigh-In: Weird Objects

You know you’ve done it before. You’re at a store and you see something odd. When you do a double take, you wonder, “Who would buy this?” That’s exactly what I’m talking about today, friends. So pull out your camera phones and go a-hunting for the weirdest objects you can find.

Object #1: Plastic Moose and Pal

Jason and I came across this one in K-Mart the other day while browsing through the garden section. Yes, that is a large, plastic moose. Yes, that is a cardinal sitting on his back, which he is bending awkwardly to look at/kiss. YES, THAT IS THE CORRECT PRICE. When would you ever feel the need to spend $80 on a plastic moose???

Object #2: Salt and PANTS?

Okay, this one is so awkward that I might actually have to buy it. Can you imagine being at a barbecue and asking for the pepper, only to get handed a pair of pants? Love it!

Object #3: World’s Largest Gummi Bear

Okay, so I can see people buying this ridiculous thing for a novelty, but $30???? And check out a bit of the description:

“Topping the scales at 5 pounds, this mammoth mass of sugar comes in a variety of flavors and is the equivalent of 1,400 regular sized gummy bears!  It’s BIGGER than a FOOTBALL! With its monstrous size and at a mere 12,600 calories per gummy bear, it’s definitely not a bite-sized snack.  Don’t fret- it comes in a plastic storage bag so you can take a bite or two and cover it back up for future snacking.”

Sheesh. Hope you have a giant toothbrush and bottle of mouthwash after that one.

So what are some weird things you’ve seen at stores? Share pics and links and you may end up in one of my follow-up posts!


2 thoughts on “Reader Weigh-In: Weird Objects

  1. i’m tempted to head out to pier 1 and showcase all of the crap we can’t seem to get rid of… like these little ceramic shoes… or tiny weave bowls that could probably hold a quarter-cup of rice… you’d enjoy trying to figure out what to do with that! i may get over there this weekend, take the pictures and submit them for your readers to ponder over… or better yet, figure out who would buy some of that crap!

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