I Just Can’t Win!

After all the drama with my hard drive/processor fan, my KEYBOARD stopped working because we creased the wire ribbon when re-installing it. Ugh. So the last few weeks, I have been without an E, T, C, D, Y or backspace button. Needless to say, that doesn’t exactly work for blogging.

Today my new keyboard came in, and as you can see, it’s working great! Now it’s time to catch up on a slew of posts (not to mention homework for my grad classes!). Here aonre some of the posts you should expect in the next few days:

– Weird objects you find at stores. I have one I found that is hilarious, but if anyone wants to submit their pictures, feel free 🙂

– Another update on the nursery! Some good 🙂 Some bad 😦 Hopefully you guys can help us out.

– Collectibles – What are your obsessions?

– What’s in your Easter basket?

There are more to come after that, especially because I will be customizing our new mailbox this weekend and will need to add a post next week. Hopefully, this will be the last long hiatus until September, when Baby H is due!


2 thoughts on “I Just Can’t Win!

  1. what’s bad about the nursery? as long as it’s comfortable and baby-proof you should be fine!

    as for collectibles–my dad is a severe pack rat so the only thing i allow myself to collect are postcards. ok, and shoes (i have nearly 70 pairs!). but i haven’t bought shoes in forever, so that’s dying out.

    and easter baskets? my mom says easter baskets are for (skinny) kids. i loved the ones from walmart with the candy and the toys and puzzle books! the only thing i hated were those marshmallow peeps. ick!

    don’t forget pics of the new mailbox!!

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