Grab a Giveway: Love You More Print

Yes, yes, you read the title right. I’m going to have my first giveaway for the blog! Okay, so I do have an ulterior motive. Traffic has greatly increased over the last month or two, and I want to continue that growth. So pass along my blog to your friends and family, and enter for a chance to win one of these prints! Obviously, these are the low-res versions to protect my artwork 🙂

Giveaway Details

To enter the giveaway, comment on this blog post (Facebook doesn’t count!) with the words, “Print Love” and tell me which print language you’d choose and where you’d put it. The winner will be chosen at random by a third-party and will receive one 8×10 print of their choice above. Shipping is limited to the USA (sorry, German relatives!) but if you are currently abroad and have somewhere to ship it in the USA, feel free to enter. This giveaway will end on Friday at 4pm EST and the winner will be announced shortly afterward. Only one entry per email, please. Good luck, mes amis!



4 thoughts on “Grab a Giveway: Love You More Print

  1. print love!!

    i would love the french language one, as french was my first love. for now i would store it in my room… and take it with me to my first apartment… and maybe someday, give it to a special someone.

  2. These look beautiful, twin! I would love to win the print en español (¡claro que si!) I would display it first at my outdoor wedding in August (our colors happen to be blue and yellow)and then later in our yet-to-be-decorated guest room/ future nursery… not that I’m thinking of babies yet. No, of course not. 🙂

    Print love!

  3. Print love!

    My sister had a beautiful baby girl and they are looking for unique items to decorate the nursery with. I know she would love to have the print in french.

  4. As a special offer, since we only had three comments, ALL three of you will receive a print! Email me or Facebook me your contact info, and I’ll send you your print!

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