Great design isn’t always about decor; sometimes, it’s about clothes, too. While I have neither the money nor shape (especially now that Bumpy is on the way) to wear great clothes, I still very much appreciate them, just like any other girl. One of my favorite shops to look at dresses is It’s actually kind of funny, because I don’t generally like “mod” style items, but this site seems to have some really interesting finds. Here are some of my current favorites.

Gramercy Park Dress – not only do I love the actual Gramercy Park in NYC, but I love this dress and it’s vintage feel. I think the ruffles are an adorable accent, and in the back is a keyhole cutout and button.

Soda Fountain Dress – This cute, feminine, and flattering dress comes in three colors, but this yellow is the most punchy. The 40s and 50s had it right when they accented women’s natural curves.

The Chictopia Dress – Looking for a classic LBD? This one won’t go out of style and can be paired with many different styles of jewelry, updating and reinventing it with the times.

Thunderchrome Dress – Changing gears a bit with this one. This is more of a current fashion, and would look great with some black leggings and these bootsand you’ll have a great casual-Hollywood feel.

Sweet Dress o’ Mine – This one is just gorgeous. Pair it with a cute solid cardigan in a punchy pink or turquoise for Easter, or put on some extra earrings and wear it out for cocktails.

What do you think of these dresses? They have some pretty ugly unique dresses, but a lot of the dresses are timeless and/or vintage and can be timeless for years to come.


4 thoughts on “Mod-velous

    1. That means that you’ve been blessed with a normal shaped body and not crazy hips like me! You would look good in the drapey gray dress, then. 🙂

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